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They say, the way to a person's heart is through stomach and you can't deny this fact. Every want wants to have good food. While looking for good food what do you do? You simply type 'best restaurant near me' in the search box and that's all? Well, this trick may not work for you every time. Don't you think you should try something that assures you of the best food and services instead of just going on the predictions? So, next time, instead of typing 'best restaurant near me', try visiting and enjoy a menu full of variety. Run by the skilled chefs, our restaurant offers taste that you just can't get over. Book your table and enjoy

the best ever Pakistani and Afghani food. We offer the tastiest food in Dubai. Be it the best Pakistani food in Dubai or the best Afghani food in Dubai, we have it all. With a delicious menu that lets you ask for more, we are the best Afghani Restaurant in Al Barsha. Visit us and you will not leave disappointed. If talk about the Pakistani food we offer, it includes a wide range of variety. From spicy to mild, you will get a number of cuisines having their roots to the countries like India and China.


If you are looking for something like a fusion food, our restaurant is a must visit place as you will get the best Pakistani food in Dubai here. Having our recipes from the cultural diversity of Pakistan, our food is just the perfect blend of the cooking traditions of Central Asia and Indian subcontinent with a touch of the country's Mughal legacy. You can try the spicy taste of Punjab and Sindh provinces or you can go for the mild Kashmiri food, depending on your preference. The menu comprises of the Balochi, Pashtun, Kashmiri, Punjabi, Sindhi and many other flavours.

Apart from this, we also offer the best Afghani food in Dubai. Being the best Afghani Restaurant in Al Barsha, we have specialized cooks having all the knowledge from ingredients to each step of preparation of the cuisine. With a choice of different types of pulav and a wide variety of Afghani dishes, you will get an experience like never-before. And that's not all. Apart from Pakistani and Afghani items, we have much more to offer. You can get them on your table or you can place your order and get it delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Dubai. So, don't think much. Visit our website and you will get to know why we are so popular among the masses. And the reason is simple, our incredible taste. Try from our variety like Chicken Boti, Seekha Boti, Chicken Shami Kebab and much more. If you still have a doubt, you can go for the online reviews given by the people who have already enjoyed our services. Also, it will help you understand that, for a true foodie, Saver Food is just the perfect place!