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Taste the Delicacies of Pakistani Food at Saver Food Restaurant

Staying in Dubai and missing the rich taste of Pakistani food? Then, you do not have to wait for anymore. A lively restaurant in Al Barsha is the perfect destination for Pakistani mouth-watering dishes.

Taste Pakistani Food:
Saver Food Restaurant offers you delicious, tasty and culture of Pakistani food. Guests love our food items and will love to visit our restaurant again. If you want to taste the Best Biryani in Dubai, Pakistan is the one-stop destination. But in Dubai, if you want Pakistani biriyani flavor then come to our restaurant. It is made with rice, in addition to lamb, pork, beef or chicken.

You can have different kinds of biriyani like Mutton Biriyani, Tikka Biryani, Sindhi Biriyani and many more. Our cooking techniques are different from other restaurants with some great use of masala and spices.

Hence, the taste of biriyani evolves and you crave for more and more visitors to our restaurant. In Pakistani cuisine, you will get lentil, flour, and milk. You can come to our restaurant at any time. All the dishes toss with okra, peas, potato, and cabbage.


Enjoy various types of naan and kebab :
In the Best Restaurant in Dubai, you will get Haleem and Hareesa. Our guests love them and crave for more every time they come here. You can have these dishes with Naan and Paratha. Taste our soft and squishy Naan with various side dishes. Taste the different types of naans like Roghninaan, Aloonan, and KeemaNaan. We are in this business for many years. Our minced meat kebabs are sumptuous to eat. Various kebabs like Shami Kebab, Gola Kebab, Seekh Kebab, and Tikka Kebab.

Complete your dining experience with a plate of delicious Biriyani. We steam the rice with coriander and mint leaves, and it tastes great. The waiting time in our restaurant is 10 minutes, and you will be served with a great plate of biriyani. We are the Best Restaurant in Dubai because we serve you fresh food and put all your hunger at the stop. It is our main USP and helps us create a long-term connection with our loyal customers.

Perfect restaurant for cozy time:
You can plan lunch, dinner or special date in our restaurant. We create a special ambiance for you to enjoy the food with good music and lights. Our friendly staff gives you the best treatment and you feel really special in our restaurant. We are the best to serve you quality food. We check the quality of the food from time to time.

Our inspection team do not compromise in their job and offer the guests the quality service. The rates of our dishes are competitive where you will get good food, ambiance and enjoy the time with near and dear ones. All the ingredients of our dishes are fresh and the chefs know the art of food and serve the best plate. Our mission or goal is to serve our customers with the classic tasting menu. We are happy to bring the taste of Pakistan in Dubai through food.